Welcome, You Savage!

I‘m glad you made it here. While I’m not releasing a ton of information about the books today, I can tell you that Tales from the Savagelands will be a choose your own adventure series for adults.

Each story lets you commandeer a character that is trying to make it in the Savagelands. With your guidance (or hindrance), you can watch these characters succeed, flounder, get slaughtered, and resurrect.

It’s an arcade game hidden in a book, and you have unlimited quarters.

You might be wondering: what the heck are the Savagelands? The Savagelands are a collection of worlds where the normal rules don’t seem to apply. A place where some characters run in a loop, while other are given important tasks to accomplish. There are video game elements in play (think Borderlands, Fallout, Skyrim, BioShock, and more), and the focus is on character and consequence.

With more than twenty books plotted, you’ll be able to cherry-pick genres and styles you find most appealing (fantasy, steampunk, post apocalyptic, science fiction). Best case scenario: you’ll become an Ultimate Savage and read the books simply because you enjoy playing puppet master.

Stay tuned, you savages. If you want more, click the banner below.


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