About Me

Photo for Human Legion.jpgThanks for stalking my bio page! Let’s spit out some fun facts. From what I understand, author bio pages should be short and filled with rather useless information. Fortunately, useless information is my specialty! Enjoy death by bullets (bullet points that is).

My Origin Story

  • Raised in Ohio
  • Joined Navy for Eight Years
  • Traveled the World
  • Ate Lots of Pizza
  • B.S. Degree in Homeland Security
  • Ex-Law Enforcement Officer

Present Day Super Hero Stuff

  • Stay-at-Home Dad
  • Nomadic
  • Military Spouse
  • Wife: Heather // Occupation: Nuclear Engineer/Awesome Mom and Wife
  • Son: Thor // Occupation: Eating/Growing/Climbing Furniture
  • Cat: Niblet // Occupation: Sleeping/Plotting
  • I’m Writing: Military Science Fiction & Post Apocalyptic Stories
  • I’m Editing: By Referral Only
  • Still Eating Lots of Pizza